Announcing “Experience Jazz”

DFJE is honored to announce the launch of Experience Jazz, a new music education program that will serve up to 25 middle and high school musicians in the 2017-2018 school year. The program, led by local esteemed musician Tasha Baron, and some of the Twin Cities most innovative professional musicians and educators, is designed to engage students across musical genres and abilities to learn and collaborate in making music together.

Participants will meet every two weeks in an ensemble setting to learn and create a variety of music. Justin Christy, Chair of the DFJE board, said, “Our goal is to bring together students of various cultural and musical backgrounds into a different kind of music-making space. While rooted in jazz, the program will embrace the power and artistry of hip-hop, rhythm & blues and other genres students and instructors want to explore together.”

Students will join one of three ensembles according to their preferred instrument and musical ability. Each ensemble will give regular performances for their peers and at least one public performance for the community.

Program space is limited, therefore participation will be based on the student’s interest in the program and commitment to taking part in it over the full school year. Program placement within one of three ensembles will also depend upon having at least some music ability and experience on an instrument. Instruments to be considered for the ensembles include: brass, woodwind, percussion, keys, and stringed instruments.

On Saturday, September 23, 12:30-3:30pm we will hold a program meet-and-greet with brief auditions. Interested students may sign up at

Cost for participation is $125 for the year; full or partial scholarships are available upon request.

For more information, visit our Experience Jazz program page, or contact Program Coordinator, Katia Cardenas, at gro.e1550886934jfd@o1550886934fni1550886934.

DFJE programming is made possible by jazz supporters like you! Help make the inaugural year of Experience Jazz possible and click here to make a donation today!


Experience Jazz is presented in partnership with McNally Smith College of Music.


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