Open Position: Artistic Director for “Experience Jazz” Pilot Program

We are seeking an Artistic Director for Experience Jazz to start in July 2017, to coordinate, implement and oversee the program, starting in October 2017. The AD will work directly with our Programs Committee, to build an exciting new education program from the ground up, including curriculum, staff, program structure and culture. The AD will be the go-to person for all students, families, teaching artists and the facility, and work to successfully and smoothly run the program, and ensure a high quality, fun music education experience for everyone involved.

What is Experience Jazz?

“Experience Jazz” is a fresh, new music education program for Twin Cities youth running October 2017-June 2018, designed to engage students across musical genres and abilities, to learn and collaborate in making music together. It is a two-hour, bi-monthly program for up to 25 student instrumentalists with varying levels of experience, which will include rehearsals for combos as well as a general assembly for presentations with all students. Students will learn repertoire and musical vocabulary from teaching artists and student mentors, and explore the spirit of jazz and other musical traditions, with student input into the material. Click here for a full description of Experience Jazz.

Experience Jazz Program Structure:

Auditions will be held to place students in ensembles according to skill level and instrument. Three different ensembles will meet on Saturday afternoons, twice monthly at McNally Smith College of Music. Each ensemble will be led by a teaching artist and student mentor. In addition to combo rehearsals, ensembles will give regular performances for their peers, and periodic public performances.

Artistic Director Job Responsibilities:

  • Implementing and creating curriculum to support the stated goals and outcomes of the program
  • Posting curriculum and program schedule online for reference by students and Teaching Artists
  • Overseeing staffing for the Experience Jazz Pilot Program, including hiring and supporting instructors, coordinating their compensation and filling in for Teaching Artists, if they are absent
  • Being on-site for all sessions to ensure overall program quality and provide support as needed
  • Collaborating with DFJE Programs Committee to oversee facility availability
  • Working with MSCM personnel to assure that required rooms are available and properly equipped, and rooms are returned to original state after each session.
  • Documenting attendance and student participation, including follow up with families, if needed
  • Organizing auditions, concerts and communicating activities to DFJE, MSCM and the public
  • Communicating administrative needs proactively to Program Assistant
  • Attending DFJE Program Committee Meetings, as needed, to report on progress of the program

Skills and Qualifications:

  • 10+ years working as a professional musician
  • 5+ years working in educational setting (private lessons, schools, youth programs, etc)
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Musical Instrument or Music Education; Teacher Certification, MA or PhD is a plus
  • Knowledge of jazz music, theory and history, and other music styles, and the local music community
  • Ability to create a positive, welcoming, supportive community for students, families and artists
  • Ability to arrive early and stay late, as needed; ability to meet deadlines, self-assign and complete tasks
  • Comfort using email communication, Google Drive, Dropbox, various social media platforms

Program Dates:

  • Two to three staffing & curriculum planning meetings, to be held this summer; date & location TBD
  • Auditions – Saturday, Sept. 23,12:30-3:30pm at McNally Smith College of Music.
  • Saturdays, 1-4pm: Oct 7 & 21, Nov 4 & 18, Dec 2 & 16, Jan 27, Feb 10 & 24, Mar 24, Apr 7 & 21, May 5 & 19, Jun 2

Stipend: $3400

How to Apply: Interested applicants can apply by submitting (1) a resume highlighting music performance & education experience; and (2) a letter of interest gro.e1508784260jfd@o1508784260fni1508784260 by Monday, July 10, 2017.

Experience Jazz is presented in partnership with McNally Smith College of Music


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